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Insurance Liability

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Many of the clients seen by the Bishop Law Firm in Maryville, Tennessee, don’t understand insurance liability or how an insurance company works. People mistakenly believe that insurance companies exist to help when, in truth, their job is to make as much money as possible.

In liability situations where the defendant is at fault and you are injured, the adjuster will contact you immediately, asking for a recorded statement to support your claim. Giving this statement without the advice and presence of an attorney can seriously affect your claim.


How Adjusters Work

Insurance adjusters are trained to subtly phrase their questions in such a way that your claim is minimized. The goal of the company in the insurance liability case is to minimize the amount of money that they pay to you, not take care of you.

The other party’s insurance company does not represent you or your interests and will do all they can to minimize what you receive. Their job is to collect as much money in premiums as possible and to pay out as little to victims as they can. They accomplish this by training their employees how to minimize claims, and you need an experienced attorney on your site to combat the tactics and seek fair compensation.

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